Why do I use the dragonfly as my logo?

Barb Dyment

Dragonflies have flown the earth for over 300 million years.  They represent our ability to strip away the negativity and limited beliefs that hold us back from overcoming times of hardship and stop us from reaching our goals.  They symbolize happiness, new beginnings, hope, love, and the energy within that is our true potential and ability to transform.

The dragonfly starts its life walking around the bottom of a pond and eventually walks up the stem of a plant and sits above the water.  It leaves one life behind, breaking out of its nymph shell and transforming into a beautiful dragonfly. 

It is one of the most powerful navigators among flying insects. This is why the dragonfly and damselfly have become a symbol of direction and purpose even through rough times.  They remind us that anything is possible.

The time for your transformation has arrived.  EFT is an opportunity to make changes in your life, adapt, adjust or change your perspective and achieve your dreams and goals.