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Burnout in the workplace is an epidemic!

Are you a mid- or senior-level businesswoman who is:

  • Overwhelmed by deadlines and increasing workload
  • Feeling trapped in your job and believe there is no way out
  • Energy depleted or fatigued
  • Sacrificing quality for expediency
  • Noticing a breakdown of working and/or personal relationships

If any of the above resonate, you may be experiencing a dimension of burnout, then this is the workshop for you.

During our four weeks together and inbetween, we will be identifying, unpacking, and reducing some of the emotions around your individual experiences of burnout that impact the ability to successfully navigate your workplace environment.

Here is just some of what you can expect during our time together:

Week 1 → Defining Burnout and Identifying the Stages.

Assess where you are right now with your work struggles and possible spillover in your personal life. We will help you craft a clear vision of what you want work life to look like in the future.

Week 2 → Let’s Start Tapping

We will take a closer look into your workplace patterns. We will use Clinical EFT to begin reducing some of the uncomfortable emotions you are currently experiencing.

Week 3 → A Deeper Dive

While the current presenting issues may feel new, they often come from subconscious decisions we made years ago. We will tap to reduce those emotions getting in the way of successfully navigating your work environment.

Week 4 → Identifying Resources and Creating Routines & Rituals

We will offer you additional tools and resources to assist you in building and maintaining resilience.

Benefits and Advantages of Group Tapping

An important resource we’ll implement is tapping and there are benefits and advantages to tapping in groups!

One of the recent scientific studies conducted around the use of EFT/Tapping is the value of tapping in groups. Cortisol, the major stress hormone in our bodies, has been shown to be reduced by 43 percent.

In fact when tapping in groups, whether everyone has the same issue or not, there is a phenomenon known as “borrowing benefits” that helps reduce the level of stress for everyone participating.

Watch the video below to learn more about this and other benefits and advantages.

Group Tapping Starts October 27th








From Workplace Burnout to Resilience Group Tapping Workshop

October 27 – November 17th


Save these dates and times:

Thursday, October 27th @ 4:00pm – 5:30pm PDT

Thursday, November 3rd @ 4:00pm – 5:00pm PDT

Thursday, November 10th @ 4:00pm – 5:00pm PST

Thursday, November 17th @ 4:00pm – 5:00pm PST

*Please note: The first week is 30 minutes longer and the time changes from PDT to PST the 3rd/4th week.


Email Barb:

If you are interested in learning about 2024 programs

please Email Barb with your contact information.

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