Emotional Freedom Techniques

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Emotional Freedom Techniques is also known as EFT-Tapping, EFT or Tapping. It is a stress reduction tool.   EFT is a simple self-help tool and a form of acupressure that sends a calming signal to the brain, bringing both mind and body back into balance. It works on reducing uncomfortable emotions and stress which is your body’s natural response to a threat and tends to be the root cause of many issues.  Most issues we face physically and emotionally are either caused by or worsened by stress.  EFT is gentle with no known side effects.

The Amygdala in our brain is our ancient early warning system constantly asking “Is this current situation safe?”.  If it detects a threat or a perceived threat, it activates the body’s fight, flight or freeze response.  

Stress is often the result of feeling trapped and overwhelmed by the problems in our lives. You can sometimes be immobilized by your inability to see a positive outcome in a difficult situation.

As our bodies respond to stress it can hold on to it and it can be stored in the body.  In future situations, that stress can be triggered by sights, sounds, smells, or sensations and put you into a fight, flight or freeze response, even though you are safe.  EFT can help remove those triggers.

I use EFT as a main tool in my coaching work which can often result in freeing stuck emotions in our bodies that can be causing life or health issues, reducing pain, improving the immune system, and increasing focus and productivity.  EFT is an opportunity to make changes in your life and/or to change your perspective. 

The following are just some examples of where EFT can often produce profound relief and lasting results:

Stress and emotional distress

Academic Stress

Feelings of overwhelm

Fear that you won’t fit in

Pressure to perform

Test/exam stress



Fear of failure

Athletic performance

Public speaking or performing

Pain and physical illness


Limiting beliefs

Negative thought patterns

I encourage you to try it on anything and everything!

One of the best things about EFT is that it can be done anywhere, at any time, quickly and without the use of any equipment, medications or supplements – just with your fingertips.  In our first session together, I teach you Basic EFT to use between sessions.  It truly is a self-help tool that can help you be the best version of yourself and live your best life.

EFT for Self-Care – 

Gentle tapping while tuning into the issue, helps you relieve stress and feel better in the moment. Tapping in this way can help you rapidly self-soothe and be calm.

Practitioner-Assisted EFT – 

This is 1-on-1, client-centered care facilitated by an experienced EFT practitioner. During these 1-on-1 EFT sessions, a practitioner helps a client “tap into” their specific presenting issue(s) to gain clarity. This can result in the client making emotional and/or physical changes, shifting limited beliefs, resolving past traumas and opening the doors to move forward.

The Research  

The clinical research trials indicate that when using EFT to shift your unconscious emotions and limiting beliefs, the chemicals released in the body also shift. EFT can rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger you.

Clinical research trials have proved Clinical EFT to be over 80% effective when administered correctly.

Click the link below for further information on the clinical research supporting EFT – Tapping.

The Science of Tapping – Research