Hi!  I’m Barb

I started a new chapter of my life journey in 1998 when some personal challenges around losses in my life had me researching natural ways to heal and help me move forward. I initially trained in first and second degree Reiki and my Reiki Master introduced me to EFT. I did some research and was self taught through the generosity of EFT founder Gary Craig’s free online manual and began tapping for myself, my family and a couple of friends.

Tapping both on my own and with other practitioners who have helped guide me to go deeper into my emotions resulting in deeper healing, has helped me release the grief, stress, pain and fears and to repair those broken and hurting bits inside. The healing didn’t happen in a straight line nor immediately. I have had many stops and starts. I persisted in using EFT and love who I am and where I am in my life right now. I still use EFT daily to start my day on a good note, or to clear out any stress at the end of the day so I don’t carry it over to a new day. My passion is to work with others to empower their transformation to be where I am.

Almost everything uncomfortable starts with stress or is worsened by stress and at its roots, EFT is a self-help support tool to relieve stress. My friends and family often hear me say “We can tap on that!”.

Closing in on the ending of one career, my passion for EFT and the amazing results it produced over and over again within myself and those close to me, led me to the decision that I wanted to practice Clinical EFT as my second career. I have always had a passion to help people and realized this would be the perfect fit so I became an Accredited, Certified Practitioner in clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques.

I have been working with clients since the Certification Process. I have helped coach clients to gain increased self-confidence, reduce stress and stress responses, various body aches and pain, food cravings, fear before surgery, interview and exam stress, sports performance anxiety, childhood events that resulted in life-long limiting beliefs, grief and so much more.

I realized when working with my adult clients that many of our stresses, fears and limited beliefs started with events in our school years. Personally, I had public speaking fears from an event in high school I was able to release as well as a limited belief that I wasn’t smart enough from a comment my teacher wrote on my grade one report card!

I have helped students leaving high school and heading to university to gain self confidence and reduce the stress and fear of being on their own away from family and friends for the first time, decrease the worry of not being good enough entering a larger education population, worry about making the University sports team or fear of not managing their time well.

I have worked with teachers, school bus drivers, EA’s and students and they all agree schools would benefit by having access to EFT.

When I work with clients, one of the first things I do is teach them Basic EFT, (this is one of many techniques) so they always have a tool right at their fingertips to help them self-regulate their nervous system in the moment and to help create self-confidence and well-being by tapping daily.

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Dr. Peta Stapleton Tapping in the Classroom from Evidence Based EFT – In Progress

Master Life Coach Certification from Transformation Academy – in Progress

Mental Health First Aid Canada Certificate

The Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada Membership Certificate

Certificate of Accreditation from EFT International

EFT Practitioner Certificate from EFT Tapping Training

Ethics, Legal Issues, & Risk Management Strategies for EFT/Tapping Practitioners Certificate, From Midge Murphy, JD, PhD

Tapping Out of Trauma from Tap Your Power, LLC

EFT for Wealth and Abundance from Evidence Based EFT

Reiki – Second Degree Reiki

First Degree Reiki

The EFT sessions with Barb are amazing! I booked a discovery session and was so amazed that I purchased the package immediately after. Barb is very kind, listens so well, has a very gentle approach to my issues, what I am saying and my needs. She led the session very nicely, slowly, just the way I needed. I felt heard, understood and supported in releasing my pain. Thank you Barb!

Sandra W., Germany