Client Testimonials

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“Ever since a young age I’ve shown early signs of trichotillomania. During stressful situations, often school related, I would pick at my nails, pick at any scab on my body and I even began to pull out my eyelashes and eyebrow hairs. Eventually, what started off as a way to cope with anxiety/stress developed into a nasty daily habit that I was unable to control. After years of struggling, I reached out to Barb Dyment who suggested EFT as a strategy to manage my trichotillomania. I immediately noticed a difference once I began tapping with Barb; I was picking much less, I would tap as soon as I got the urge to pick, and most importantly I felt in control of my habits. During my sessions with Barb I was able to discover what triggered my trichotillomania, how to avoid stressors and how to cope with the disorder. While using EFT I was able to use tapping to feel the same satisfaction and comfort that was achieved through picking at myself. Now, I’m currently living a busy (and sometimes stressful) life while coping with my urges and symptoms of trichotillomania through EFT. I have noticed a huge change in myself since I began EFT, and I would recommend it to any other young people experiencing stress or symptoms of trichotillomania.”

University Student, PE

“Barb is very intuitive, caring and well trained. Her professional training in EFT enabled me to reach deeper levels within myself, that wouldn’t have been possible on my own. I felt safe sharing my deepest feelings with Barb and she guided the tapping which released past traumas that I’ve carried with me for years. It’s liberating to move on from old thought patterns that kept me repeating the past. Using tapping we successfully addressed several issues including fear, anger, jealousy and hurt. It was a pleasure working with Barb and I would highly recommend her.”

Jo, BC

“Prior to this past couple of weeks I had heard about EFT Tapping but to be honest I had no idea how it worked, or even if it worked at all! For the past couple of years I have suffered with lower back pain, and recently I decided to try EFT Tapping with Barb over Zoom. To my great joy, it immediately gave me relief after one session. I have done the procedure on my own several times since, and I am very pleased with the result. Check out EFT Tapping for yourself. You may be really pleased with the result, as I am!”

Ed Campbell, NS

“The first time I tried EFT with Barb, I noticed a difference right away. A lot of stress was lifted from my body. After a couple of more sessions, I had less brain fog and a lot more clarity. I would definitely recommend this technique.”


“Even though I have known Barb for over 40 years, I didn’t really know what Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or tapping was all about and had no preconceived notions about what was going to happen.  Barb made me very comfortable with the process and led me through the sessions with great professionalism and knowledge about what to do.  Her enthusiasm and understanding of the technique is contagious.  She helped me immensely right from the start working through my issues, she has also provided me with other resources and information to be able to help myself between our sessions.

If you are having issues with pain, stress, and many other things, Barb can teach you how to work through them.  I like to hold onto my emotions which cause pain in many different locations.  Tapping and letting myself know that I am safe and can accept myself for who I am is in itself a powerful statement and one you really need to tell yourself.

I highly recommend Barb and tapping to anyone.”

Patricia, MB

“I reached out to Barb because I was having problems sleeping. She is very perceptive and soon realized that my issue was grief. We had a very effective session of EFT and my sleep improved. I highly recommend her.”

Bernice, NS

“I had been suffering from de Quervin’s tenosynovitis on my left wrist for over two years. This is very painful and even debilitating. Initially I had it at both wrists and a cortisone shot seemed to have settled the right wrist after about six months. But the left side persisted. Following an EFT session with Barb, I felt a bit of easing even on the first day. What remained, cleared after just a few days and it hasn’t returned! Very grateful!”

Doris Daigle, NB

“I met Barb in our EFT Certification program. She tapped with me on a number of occasions which really helped me through some blocks that helped me complete my certification. Barb is professional, thorough and effective and has an easy going and supportive manner about her.”

Kevin Wright, OR, USA

“Before the middle of May/2020 I had never heard of EFT or Tapping out the Trauma and had no idea what they referred to or were used for.  Then I saw a facebook posting from Barb asking for guinea pigs – practice clients, as she was almost finished with her training on tapping and needed a few more helpers.  Out of the ordinary for me, I offered after doing a little research of my own on the subject.  Now, looking back, I am so happy and grateful that I did.  I had pretty much resigned myself to a life of constant pain or the need for pills and medications to lessen it which was something I didn’t want to have to do.  If possible, a natural, pill-free way was the way to go.  Now I can assure you that at the beginning I had my doubts and lots of negative thoughts about this working, especially for me.  Well, to my surprise, it did.  After sessions with Barb, I am now tapping on my own over the summer to see how I get along.  Needless to say, how well I get along will depend on my own commitment to tapping.  It is easy to do in the comfort of my own home and can be done at any time of the day.  For me, tapping has given me more control over my pain and has also greatly helped me with negativity, especially that the tapping would only work if Barb was with me.  Doubted it could work as well on my own.  For me, tapping works and would invite others to try it as well.”