General University Stress Reduction

Barb Dyment

School, sports, and time management are things that have caused me stress for many years. Now that I’m at the point in my life where I am transitioning from high school to university, my stress levels are higher than ever.

The thought of taking a difficult undergraduate degree as well as trying out for a varsity sports team was nearly too much to handle. I was also feeling extremely nervous at the thought of moving out of my home in Summerside, and living in Charlottetown on my own.

I would experience an anxious feeling and have panic attacks from the stress almost daily. As soon as I began tapping with Barb Dyment I immediately was able to deal with my stress so it was gone almost completely.

The anxious and nervous feelings seem to quickly get better, and I was able to not only tap during the sessions but Barb also taught me how to tap on my own when I would feel anxious.

EFT has been incredibly helpful and it allowed me to move out of my house, try out for a varsity team, and begin university without the burden of constantly being stressed.

Barb has given me so many different tapping methods to use in different situations. I have noticed a huge difference in myself, especially in my sports performance and test anxiety while using tapping. Whether it’s tapping all over my body beforehand or tapping only on my fingers during the event, it helps me to calm down and get rid of my nervousness, allowing me to completely focus on whatever I am about to do.

Tapping has been very useful to clear my mind, and has helped me to better handle high stress situations. I have noticed a huge change in myself since I began EFT, and I would recommend it to any other young people experiencing stress from sports or school.

University Student, PEI